About Dominion Knights

Dominion Knights, North American PC, AD PVP guild, was created to help the AD faction and its' players. We offer learning, strong leadership, maturity, voice communications and most importantly fun. As one of the top PVP guilds, Dominion Knights has become the backbone of AD. You will find DK not only on the battle field, but at the traders, crafters, Trials and delves. We are an active guild that emphasizes quality over quantity. We play the campaign objectives and support the Dominion; but we are independent when it comes to politics. DK is not a pug guild. To become a member, you must be vetted and be approved by a class officer, than each member must prove they are raid ready before being allowed to join raids. Our Raids are put together each night by following our group comp guide lines. We are active and raid 6 nights (off on Wednesdays) a week from 7pm Est to 10pm est. Our goal is to have success and fun every night, but more importantly we are building a family of players. Our diversity drives our enthusiasm and creates the environment that we all enjoy. If you feel you might be interested please feel free to apply to the guild.
Our code: Keep your word and your honor. Defend those who cannot defend themselves. Treat all with the respect and care as you would show the Queen. Give mercy when asked. Put the needs of others before personal gain. Serve the Dominion loyally and true. Shun unfairness, cruelty and deceit.

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